Programs Overview

Offering much more than just great compensation plans

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

Choose a partnership that works for you. Select from our different, customized ISO and Agent sales programs and be rewarded with increased profits.

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Technology Partnerships:
PayFac & ISV Programs

Enable your clients or user base to accept payments using a simple, seamless onboarding process. Generate industry-leading revenue, plus attract and retain more clients.

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Independent Sales Agent (ISA)

The bonuses for our Independent Sales Partners are second to none. Benefit from our multiple bonus lines and improve your cash flow with weekly payouts.

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technology partnerships

Payment Facilitator (PayFac)

Easily and rapidly enable digital payments for your user base. Build additional recurring profit, retain more clients and promote your brand. We power your accounts through a single Master Merchant ID.

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Independent Software Vendor (ISV) & Value Added Reseller (VAR)

Seamlessly integrate payments into your software application. We have designed a leading revenue share model, with transparent reporting and lifetime residuals.

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Partner Program Features

Pivotal Live Sales Portal

Pivotal Live is your dashboard for all your business with Pivotal. It is an online portal that gives you real-time access to sales and merchant data, and the ability to monitor and manage your sales staff.

New Lucrative Bonus Program

Benefit from a progressive bonus scale and improve your cash flow. Receive a bonus that is based on newly activated merchants each and every month.

Next Day Funding with Later Cutoff

Help your merchants improve their cash flow. With our Next Day Funding and extended batch cutoff, merchants can receive their funds as early as the following morning at 6am EST.

Record Breaking Activation Stats

We’ve perfected the process of rapidly boarding and activating new merchants. Get your accounts approved the same day.

Best-in-class Ingenico Hardware

Our lineup of point of sale terminals are among the industry's best, so you can offer your merchants innovative, cutting edge technology to power their businesses for years to come.

Flexible POS Integration

Receive future-proof standalone, semi-integrated and fully integrated point of sale solutions, including certified Tender Retail integration.

North American Merchant Support

Improve client satisfaction and reduce attrition. With 24/7 support, your merchants can count on reliable, timely issue resolution and return to you for more business or to provide referrals.

Online Application & E-Signature

Our responsive electronic application tool and e-signature solution makes signing more merchants simple and quick. Tablet friendly, convenient  for face-to-face meetings.

Marketing and Website Support

We provide a suite of high quality, editable marketing content targeted towards numerous verticals. We can assist with tailored marketing & presentations plus a website template service that can save you thousands.

Comprehensive Training

We provide a comprehensive orientation and training program for all new sales partners. Training presentations and videos are available so you can review at your leisure. 

Better Communication

Regular partner emails, monthly newsletters and live updates in Pivotal Live always keep you in the loop. Clear communication to our sales partners is key to our mutual success.

Sales Channel Management

Consolidated and dedicated support group to handle all your inquiries. Designed to support your business and help your office reach your sales goals.

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

We’ll accelerate your growth to help you achieve your financial goals.
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