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Going above and beyond

We pride ourselves in consistently providing our Sales Partners with the best possible service and platforms. Our refined support systems provide you with the tools you need to achieve true financial success.

Pivotal Live Online Sales Portal

Pivotal Live is your dashboard for all your business with Pivotal Payments. Our online portal gives you complete access to sales and merchant data, and the ability to monitor and manage your sales staff.

  • Online application submission

  • System and email alerts on application progress

  • Ability to manage incomplete applications within Pivotal Live

  • Detailed merchant data (volume , interchange, chargebacks, etc)

  • Detailed commission reports

  • Sales data parsed by agents or sub-agents

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Sales Partner Relationship Management

Pivotal Payments surrounds you with a team that values your business and that is invested in your success! We understand the importance of a strong support staff behind the scenes, and our commitment to your business is the foundation of all our ISO/Agent relationships.

  • Proactive business support, consultation and solutions

  • Statement analysis

  • Marketing and sales content assistance

  • Portfolio profitability monitoring

  • Attrition monitoring

  • Escalation management

  • Ongoing training (orientation, product, industry updates)


Pivotal Learning Center

Here you will find helpful resources to strengthen your knowledge in merchant services, and grow your portfolio. You can join scheduled training calls including new partner orientation, product specific calls, pricing and more.

  • Live training webinars and a library of on-demand courses

  • New partner orientation and quick-start guide

  • Extensive videos and product tutorials

  • Statement analysis training and pricing 101

  • Stay current on new products and payment technologies

  • Learn more about credit and underwriting

  • Discover sales techniques and collaborate with industry experts


WebApp Online Application

WebApp is an online application submission portal for your computer, tablet or smartphone. This easy-to-navigate system boasts a smooth data entry process, integrated eSignature for prompt turn-around and a convenient document attachment module. It makes your boarding process effortless.

  • Faster, more efficient application process

  • Eliminates common data entry errors

  • Embedded eSignature for in-person signing on tablet

  • Integrated into Pivotal Payments’ Auto Underwriting robot

  • Full reporting at a glance including status and history

  • Edit feature allows for dynamic interaction with merchants

  • Offline application importing and exporting into Excel


And Much More...

Rapid Approvals

Streamlined underwriting & auto-approval for low risk accounts.

Sales & Marketing

Customizable marketing material for numerous sales verticals.


Email alerts, educational seminars and product webinars.

Back Office Support

Data entry department for all your faxed or e-mailed apps.

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

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