Free terminal + UPFRONT BONUS

Beat the competition by offering industry-leading POS hardware at no cost

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:


This program is ideal for Merchant Level Salespeople new to the payment processing industry. Attract greater opportunities and be more competitive. As a Pivotal Partner, you can offer our powerful, innovative POS hardware at absolutely no cost to your clients.

Free Point-of-Sale Terminal Program

Open up new opportunities with our Free Terminal Program. Benefit from reduced friction and price sensitivity when signing merchants by providing POS hardware at no cost. Your merchant clients will benefit from next generation point-of-sale devices with the latest technology and security. Choose on a merchant-by-merchant basis to make the most money on each and every sale. It's a win-win!

  • Attract greater opportunities and sign more deals

  • Offer Industry-leading Ingenico terminals at no cost

  • Applies to wireless or standard countertop terminals

  • Models include Ingenico iCT 250 and Ingenico iWL 255


Upfront Bonus + Profitability Bonus

The #1 compensation program in Canada just got even better! With our competitive bonus levels, you'll  receive an immediate signing bonus paid to you after activation, and a lucrative profitability bonus paid after the first 3 months of processing. Better yet, there is no minimum processing volume and no minimum transactions are required!

  • Enjoy a lucrative signing bonus + profitability bonus after 3 months

  • Upfront bonus is paid fast! Within a week of client activation

  • No minimum transactions, no minimum processing volume


Hardware Freedom

Along with having the option of offering a free point-of-sale terminal, you also have the freedom to provide rent, lease or purchase options. The latter means you can get even greater revenue per deal, while also receiving an upfront and profitability bonus!


  • Easy to sell: it's free!
  • Reduce price friction and close more deals
  • Flexibility of offering both countertop and wireless terminal models


  • Flexible, cost-effective option, saves money upfront
  • Tax savings: ability to claim terminal as a depreciable asset
  • Ability to upgrade or purchase terminal at the end of the lease


  • Low upfront commitment
  • Flexibility to switch models at anytime
  • Merchant can invest other funds back typically reserved for terminals back into their business


  • One-time purchase means no ongoing, monthly charges
  • Offers long-term savings over the lifetime of the business
  • Provides other benefits of full ownership

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

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