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Why settle for basic services when you can provide your clients the ultimate solution? Pivotal Payments offers a full suite of merchant services to help keep your clients satisfied. We’re so much more than a payment processor. 

Analytics + Social Media Dashboard

Business Coach is Pivotal's all-in-one data analytics and social media monitoring dashboard that your merchants will absolutely love! It highlights key metrics and provides easy access to customer reviews and online ratings.

Embedded directly in the Pivotal360 merchant account portal, each merchant receives a unique data set based on their own business performance. These powerful tools can help grow sales and improve online reputation. For example:

  • Discover how many new customers visited in the past week
  • Learn who is spending more: repeat customers or first time buyers
  • Receive alerts whenever a customer leaves an online review
  • See which social media platforms to focus on to boost visibility
  • Understand which customer segments contribute to higher sales to better target them
  • Merchants can make better decisions and grow their business through actionable insights, right at their fingertips

  • Reputation management solution tracks customer ratings from popular sites, plus helps respond to reviews easily and quickly

  • Reduces attrition by including up to 3 years of transaction data with full analytics, data your merchants will never want to lose

  • Allows you to earn recurring monthly revenue from your existing and future portfolio by offering this smart tool

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Gift Card and Loyalty Program

Revenue sharing is now available on our gift card and loyalty program, providing another value added incentive for Sales Partners to enhance their recurring revenue streams. Pivotal Payments has partnered with DataCandy to provide a powerful gift card program that gives merchants the ability to offer their own uniquely branded gift cards.

  • Fully compatible with Pivotal’s hardware, simple and intuitive to design custom gift cards with online templates and guide

  • Track gift card data and generate reports online with a simple to use dashboard. See cards in circulation, monthly activations and average amounts redeemed

  • For businesses requiring more, Premium Gift Cards offer a variety of prepaid options including promotional cards, e-gift cards and mobile gift cards


Merchant Cash Advances

If your merchants need additional funds to invest in their business or elsewhere, Pivotal Payments can offer significant upfront capital in as little as seven days. Our hassle-free approach to lending business owners capital is renowned. We charge zero application fees, closing costs or any other type of hidden fees. Merchants benefit from a quick 2-3 day pre-qualification.

  • Up to $500,000 per location

  • Eliminates the hassles of dealing with banks or commercial lenders

  • No closing costs, consulting or application fees and no hidden charges

  • Fast and simple application process

  • Constant cash flow & profitability

  • Flexible repayment options


Next Day Funding

Pivotal Payments' Next Day Funding service allows qualified merchants with the ability to receive their funds within 24 hours of batching out. Having your merchants receive their funds quicker gives you a competitive edge when selling and servicing accounts.

  • Deposits 1-2 days earlier than the usual funding cycle

  • Provides better cash flow to your merchants

  • Helps businesses operate more efficiently


And Much More...

Multi-Currency Pricing

Price and sell in over 80 currencies to reduce buyer friction at the checkout. We help merchants access new customers worldwide and increase sales conversions.


Our debit surcharge solution allows merchants to turn their machine into a mini-ATM by charging shoppers a surcharge on debit transaction (not available in Quebec).

Debit Card 
Cash Back

Delight merchants by offering a product that helps them increase client satisfaction. Debit card cash back allows shoppers to withdraw money without having to pay ATM fees.

Terminal Financing Options

Pivotal Payments offers flexible financing options that meet your merchants’ business needs without confining rental contracts. Sign more merchants by eliminating overhead for POS hardware.

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

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