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Improving the payment experience for our sales partners and their clients

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

Leverage Pivotal Payments’ wide range of payment technology to provide the best solutions for your point-of-sale, e-commerce and mobile clients. Power your merchants' payments today!

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Provide merchants with solutions for their unique processing needs. Help them better accept credit and debit cards such as Visa, MasterCard®, Amex, Diners' Club, Discover, JCB and more.

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Expert customer service meets unmatched dedication. Pivotal Payments’ comprehensive suite of merchant support services guarantee a long, hassle-free business relationship.

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Why settle for basic merchant services? Access more solutions to help you close the sale fast! Improve retention by offering merchants everything they need to help them grow their business.

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Complete Payment Services and Business Solutions


Pivotal Payments offers the option of a no fixed term processing
contract. A month to month contract can be cancelled anytime with no penalty. Offer your merchants greater flexibility.


Being flexible means staying successful. That's why Pivotal Payments offers flexible financing options without confining rental contracts. We provide flexible purchase, rent and lease solutions.

Multi-Currency Pricing

For eCommerce or mail/telephone order merchants, the world is now their marketplace. Price and sell products and services in over 80 currencies and receive payments directly in Canadian dollars.

Cash Advance with Split Funding

It has never been easier to offer your merchants a cash advance. Up to $300,000 in merchant funding paid back automatically from card transactions. No collateral required and we offer a flexible payment plan.

Digital Gift Card 

Your merchants can boost revenue and increase cash flow by offering their customers gift cards. It’s an inexpensive and easy to implement add-on that can reap lasting rewards!

Next Day Funding with Later Cutoff

No more waiting for deposits! Eligible merchants' funds are transferred to the business’ bank account within one day of the transaction date. Benefit from flexible qualification guidelines and later cutoff times.

E-commerce & Mobile Payments

Help your merchants increase their sales from across town to around the globe. Our omni-channel payment solutions allow businesses to accept card payments no matter where their business takes them.

Loyalty & Marketing App

Our iPhone and Android loyalty & marketing app is a great way for merchants to increase sales, retain loyal customers, and add new ones. Our loyalty program works with a simple to use smartphone application.

Find out what makes Pivotal Payments an industry leader:

We’ll accelerate your growth to help you achieve your financial goals.
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