Top Career Opportunities for Independent Sales Reps of ISOs

Being an independent sales rep opens the door to a variety of exciting career opportunities. Discover some of the career paths that are available to you.

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Primarily, the role of an independent sales rep is to recruit new merchants to become clients for the ISO he or she represents. An independent sales rep is not considered to be an ISO employee, but usually signs a contract and is paid entirely on commission. In this regard, some of the outstanding careers an independent sales rep of an ISO can venture into include:

Outside Sales

With a dedicated inside sales team to make cold calls and generate leads, the independent sales rep meets prospective merchants face-to-face or through video conferencing. This is a career path that is amenable to any industry. For example, an independent sales rep may be responsible for reining in merchants in the food and beverage industry.

Financial Services

Depending on the expertise of an independent sales rep, one can venture into helping merchants with their investment and money management decisions. The independent sales rep will achieve this by capitalizing on privileged information and market trends.

Senior Management

As an independent sales rep, one can eventually land a position in the senior management of an ISO. The experience gained in the field makes an independent sales rep well-placed for the role of, say, a Chief Financial Officer or even a Chief Executive Officer.

Dealing in Luxury Items

An independent sales rep can also specialize in merchant accounts for luxury items like apartment buildings, condos, private jets and cruise ships.

What it Takes to Thrive

It takes an intimate knowledge of the business one represents to make any significant progress as an ISR, but that is not all there is to it. The following are salient features of reliable and outstanding independent sales reps:


  • They are privy of the intricate details of the niche in which they chose to offer their services, e.g. which types of merchants they should approach to get the best deals for all parties concerned.
  • They can assess each deal and infer from any recent statement the amount of profit a merchant account will appropriate.
  • They can explain, in a manner easily understandable, the cost savings a deal will avail to a merchant because they understand the credit card pricing structure.
  • They will most often be candid in their dealings with merchants and readily review their billing statements, appraising their clients of any glitches that might cause them to pay more than expected.
  • They work with straightforward providers (members of associations) and understand the details of their providers’ Schedule A.


Whichever career path an independent sales rep chooses to take, his/her success will be hinged upon the determination, discipline, and time management skills s/he possesses among other qualities. Nevertheless, she will enjoy the autonomy that comes with being an independent sales rep, as well as the flexible schedules the line of work allow; essentially being one’s own boss.

The list of outstanding careers open to independent sales reps does not end here, however, because with the expansion of technological advances comes a variety of opportunities previously unfathomed.

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