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Pivotal Payments is investing up to $20 million over the next 3 years in its Sales Partner programs. We are proud to present an all new compensation plan, including industry-leading bonuses, and to deliver new payment technologies that are driving value for Canadian business owners.

Pivotal Payments is a leading provider of merchant services and global payment processing solutions. It provides point of sale, mobile and online 
merchants services including credit and debit card processing, integrated POS solutions, electronic check conversion, merchant cash advance 
programs, business discounts, loyalty/gift card programs, terminal management and global acquiring solutions.

Lucrative & Flexible
Partner Programs »

Choose a partnership that works for you. Select from different, customizable partner programs to enhance your profits. Our Partner Services group is always ready to assist.

Next Generation
Payment Technology »

Our robust technology-enabled payment systems include card not present, integrated point of sale, mobile payments, terminal management and deployment solutions.

A Team Dedicated to 
Powering Your Success »

Pivotal Payments fosters a culture of performance and teamwork that reinforces our strong reputation for being Sales Partner and merchant-focused.

Credit Card Processing 
Integrated Point-of-Sale
EMV (Chip Card) Certified 
Cross-Border E-Commerce 
Apple Pay and Mobile Wallets
Contract Flexibility 
Fraud Protection 
Global Acquiring Network
Next Day Funding 
Merchant Cash Advance 
Gift Card Solutions 
Business Intelligence 
End-to-End Encryption 
Unattended Vending 
Business Discounts
Online Reporting
Cheque Services 
Debit Card Acceptance
24/7 Client Care

It’s Simple:

we know payments

  • Take your business further, generate more revenue and improve the payment experience for your customers.

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Partner Testimonials

“This training website is amazing… full of great information and tools. My other company did not offer anything like this.”


“I am very excited and proud to be a new partner of Pivotal Payments and look forward to working with each of you in the future.”


“You have the most detailed and supportive back office system for agents that I have seen! We have shifted over to Pivotal and will continue to use your services for our clients.” 


“Thank you to every one involved in assisting newly signed partners at Pivotal. It is clear to me that everyone works very hard and diligently to upkeep the highest level of professionalism and promptness.”


”I can’t begin to say enough great things regarding you and the champion team you have surrounding you. I look forward to the number of new tools and processes that will polish our presentations.”


“Excellent time at the conference. I spoke extremely highly of you. We love working with you. It was very nice to see the quality company and people we've partnered and aligned ourselves with.”


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